I heard jingles coming close

A human jingle or metallic jingle

I could not differentiate

But then she came closer

Holding her head high in the air

As if expecting a miracle from heaven

I wondered if she would not miss her steps and fall

But no, I was wrong

Her steps were well rehearsed and critically executed

So where from the jingling sound I heard for she was not singing

Oh, it came from all around her

From her many metallic adornments

The countless metal bracelets on her wrist

Earrings as big as bicycle rims

The big belts around her waist like she’s the new IBF heavyweight champion

Long sparkling necklaces falling between half naked breasts

Breasts young and tender like new yam mounds

I was seized with temptation at the speed of light

I could not help but take a quick peek

And she gave a seemingly seductive smile

Revealing lips painted as red as bleeding wounds

Temptation led to confusion

And before I could regain my thoughts

She fled past, smiling cheerfully to herself

Perhaps out of pity for me her thousandth victim.


Mark Gadogbe

First written 29/09/08


6 thoughts on “OF EASY VIRTUE – A poem

    1. Hahaha…
      Favour, I had poetic anointing way before such feelings of love as you speak of started to “corrupt” my innocent self! (Proof: date first written below poem)
      Nonetheless from where I now sit, I must admit the saying is true…and you will soon know. Lol
      Thanks for taking a read. Very much appreciated!


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