I can love him/her better than you 

Always remember that everything you are doing to or for your husband/wife or your boyfriend/girlfriend, somebody else can do it and even do it better. Don’t say it’s not possible…it is! 

If you’re giving him/her sex, somebody else can also give them that and even give them better. Maybe your stronghold is food or taking care of the home…but do you think nobody else cooks better than you or can ever manage your home or partner better than you? You think nobody else can spoil your girl/wife better than you’re doing now if they get the chance? 

Everything you do in life, somebody else can do it better than you. The only reason why you are still there and still the only one doing it is simply because that other person has not been given the CHANCE. So, never lose guard and start playing dull moves. Everybody can potentially lose their partner to the next available highest bidder. 

You’re not irreplaceable in even the most loving of all relationships. Just do something very silly, or worse case, just die now and see how soon you’ll be replaced by someone else. It’s natural for voids to be filled, just like in every working environment. 

Like Sam Casey put it: 

“It’s easy to see your position in leadership at the office as becoming more important than your job as the leader of your home. No one is indispensable. Everyone can be replaced on the job. God can raise up another leader to do what you are doing. It’s worth asking your spouse from time to time to make sure you stay on the mark” 

Never stop loving your partner, never stop doing right by them. And never stop evaluating yourself and each other. Start treating them wrong…and you will soon see. You will wonder where that highest bidder taking what belongs to you even sprung up from. Oh boy, they have always been there! They have always been secretly admiring and wishing for what you have. All it had to take was your negligence. 😜

© Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2017

Marriage & Personal Development Author 

24 thoughts on “I can love him/her better than you 

    1. Exactly bro!
      Nobody in their right mind will leave someone who treats them like a Queen/King everyday.
      We surely must never take love for granted.
      God bless 🙏


  1. Wake-up Call. This line just cracked me up… Just do something very silly, or worse case, just die now and see how soon you’ll be replaced by someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂😂🙈
      I agree. That’s one hell of a scary line to get all of us to not take love for granted. 😉
      I appreciate your comment bro.
      Thanks and God bless 🙏


  2. This is totally true. Don’t take why you have for granted. Don’t wait till you lose it before you value all what God has entrusted on your care – your wife/husband, children, parents among others. Peace!

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      1. Amen. I always enjoy your messages when I read them. Keep it up. May God continue to reveal His mind to you concerning love and relationships.

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  3. This does seem a bit risky, to be thinking in this vein. When people enter the covenant, the contract of marriage, they need to make a commitment, both mental and spiritual to their spouse. What is going on here? Are spouses to remain committed to each other for life come what may? Or, are their marriage vows only good until someone else comes along?

    Where does love fit in? If you truly love your spouse, why would you always be comparing him or her to others? That is not what God intended for married persons, who are to cling to each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like your perspective.
      And I appreciate your thoughts.
      The point is to never take love for one’s spouse for granted as you risk losing them to someone else when you do.


    1. Aww!
      Thanks for your beautiful and honest comment. Highly appreciated!
      I pray God grants us the grace to play very well our part and not take our partners for granted 🙏
      God bless!


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