Sexual revolution and exploits of women in our present day

So, the hot, sexy, curvaceous Moesha Buduong is trending in the news again for admitting in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to being a Mistress (side chick) to a married man (who has many other Mistresses). And all of a sudden sexuality issues are up for discussion again. But, as for me, all I know is that I don’t want to take sides but in our part of the world, we know we have demonized everything sexual so much that it blinds us to real issues on the subject. 

Moesha Buduong in her elements 😊

Almost everybody in our part of the world lies about sex (even though they engage in it secretly) and it is always a problem if someone, especially women are openly expressive about sex (or speaking whatever is their own truth). Then, almost immediately, everybody else becomes a saint who has never had sex before and we begin to label the “innocent victim” for speaking out “their truth”. 

Again, it’s true that you don’t have to buy in to their truth but it is still their truth…after all, have you experienced the same things they have experienced growing up? Or you don’t even think that there are some people who have become very “sexually immoral” just because of some childhood sexual abuse they suffered? Not saying that’s the case of Moesha and her likes though…but it could be? You say it’s still a personal choice and you’re right too, no doubt, but they are still entitled to their truth because only they know what pushed them to become what they are today. Truth is life has screwed us all in one way or the other and it is possibly only grace that kept some of us from taking certain nasty paths. 😊 

It is even more true that we have sexualized women since the days of our ancestors. You may not buy that, but it’s still my truth πŸ˜‚. We keep lying to ourselves but many a man grew up seeing women as sexual objects (for the most part); to be dominated and to be used at will for their satisfaction. 

Trust me, even almost every married Christian man (the revered “men of God” alike) want or sometimes force their wives to behave like “prostitutes” or “porn stars” in the bedroom and give them mind blowing sex. They want them to give them all the crazy, adventurous, fascinating, fetish, etc sexual positions that they see boldly written in the Bible or that God Himself reveals to them (only God knows where they learn all those styles, after acting as if they don’t look at any sexual material 😊). 

The “Sugar Daddy” or “Sponsor” lifestyle is simply a real issue in society and Moesha is simply admitting to it

In today’s world of sexual revolution or liberation, when the same women we have sexualized for ages are embracing 100% their sexuality, flaunting it and using it to “their advantage” (whether the right way or the wrong way), the “outwardly religious but inwardly sinful men” like us are now the ones crying wolf. We start acting like we can’t live any longer with the “seductive monsters” we ourselves have created or helped to create. 

Sadly, it appears like any sexual immorality a man engages in with a woman is OK and justified on the part of the men, but not for the women. Welcome to a world where a man and a woman are involved in the same ” sexual sin” but the woman is the one who must at all cost take the fall for it. A man has a million mistresses and that’s cool; but the problem is the mistresses who are so cheap, lazy, gold diggers, immoral, and all the negative labels you can think of but not the man. Seriously? 

A rich man’s power or the influence of a man in authority, his ability to coerce a woman to have his way with her is always totally forgotten. No blame at all is given to the men. It is rather always the women who don’t know how to keep their legs closed or their breasts covered, or know how to carry themselves modestly, bla bla bla. This is not to the defense of the ills of any woman; but it’s often just the reality they face. 

We forget that it’s about the same power a very sexy and seductive woman has on a man (whether married or not) when she learns well her game and how to play it, just like the rich powerful married men who keep chasing anything in skirt or with a big behind. The seductive woman knows how every man loves sex and how dumb many a man gets when it comes to sex, so she plays it to her advantage. It’s the same way every man knows how women love money and comfort and can easily fall for it, so they use that as bait. 

So, we have on our hands a situation where a man uses his riches and power to get any woman he likes (married or not) and society is cool with it and talks less about it. Flip the script and a woman uses her sexuality and seductive prowess to get any man she likes (married or not) that can take good care of her and society is at war with her. She is the devil, not the man. Smh.

If there were no men patronizing people like Moesha, probably she would have stopped? But no, the men are lining up to have a feel of her. Like someone asked, “which man wouldn’t want a body like that? They even wish secretly in their hearts that their wives had a body like that”. πŸ˜‚ How sad but how true (at least for majority of men). 

Well, as for me sitting in my “one corner” somewhere, what do I know? I don’t know who is right or who is wrong; I only know these are the realities in our world. And I can only say here that, probably all the men should brace up for the sexual revolution of our dear women because I don’t see it ending anytime soon! They are really taking matters into their own hands and seem to no longer care where we put the blame or whatever names we label them. 

It’s not my fault they claim they are now “liberating” themselves or coming to term with or embracing their sexuality and throwing it in our face. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

Nonetheless, one thing is also true: life has a way of paying us all back for our individual choices, for whatever a man/woman sows is what they reap

Β©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2018

(Ps: Just random unguarded thoughts which may be right or wrong, so take it or leave it 😊).

17 thoughts on “Sexual revolution and exploits of women in our present day

  1. Here stateside, in the US that is, the current situation in the public’s mind is that women must be believed and almost all women are victims. In this currently predominant view, men are all brutes. We need to look at people as individuals and avoid making such sweeping generalizations.

    The truth is that sexual morality has been used by religion(s) to control people’s behavior. In as much as that is necessary to protect and promote traditional marriage, and by extension, promote and protect the nuclear family, that is a good and necessary thing. The most workable approach and the healthiest and most humane approach is to reject the extremes. The sexual revolution that rejects any and all self control, personal responsibility, and restraint when it comes to sex is wrong as it is very harmful to individuals and to society as a whole. The other extreme of seeing all sex as “dirty”, even the sexual love of the spouses for each other, is equally harmful. And, yes, despite traditional Christian teachings on sex, women do have a sex drive. In many women, their sex drive is even stronger than the sex drive in many men.

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  2. I live in the States too (as you know), and I have to say that I’m not sure everyone thinks that all women are victims, or that all men are brutes; the statement above is a generalization it itself. However, we do have similar “problems” where conservative politicians and religious figures want the public to believe they are not engaging in sexual acts beyond their marriages. Unfortunately, that is common.

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    1. Very nice reference! That didn’t even cross my mind 😊.
      It’s quite sad sometimes why the focus is mostly always on the women. Very sad πŸ˜”


  3. Sexuality is a complex topic that can be looked into from many angles. Nonetheless, this article has really dealt with an important aspect exposing our weakness. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” However, thank God for God’s grace, mercy and compassion. If not we would had been consumed. We’re all found guilty. All the families of the world have to take to their responsibilities, and should not kill our spiritual centres with our own neglected responsibilities. The change has to start with you and I. Peace!

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    1. This is great wisdom. I truly appreciate this candid opinion Sir. Truly, we need more of God’s grace and help in getting us to that place of being change makers πŸ™.
      Bless you bro!

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  4. I don’t know where in the States anyone lives where this same mentality doesn’t exist or women are believed and men are automatically brute. I haven’t seen that part of the States. The woman is always the one at fault for the man’s misbehavior even if he’s in superior position. A lot of this mentality is supported by the so-called ‘decent women’. Rarely does men label women anything. They view all women as either a good girl or a bad girl. There’s no in-between. It’s other women who are always labeling other women disgraceful names. Women spread horrible gossip about each other without taking a second thought as to why the woman or girl in question may be engaging in the sex liaison. Women made far less money than men but the cost of living isn’t cheaper.

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    1. You make very strong points. It’s true that sometimes, women are their own enemies. We do see women fighting each other everyday, instead of standing up for their own.
      Thanks for the comment. Very much appreciated. πŸ™πŸΎ

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      1. That’s so sad. Langston Hugh wrote a poem over 90 years ago about how men review this strife between women. That a man who creates it cares nothing for none of the women. He doesn’t care if one woman kill the other over him because he’s moving on to the third or fourth woman.

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      2. According to Mr. Hugh’s poem which I rather call a short story is based upon a true incident he witnessed at a club during The Harlem Renaissance. One of the women lived with the man as a wife.. The other woman was a random woman the husabnd decided to talk to in the club. The wife attacked the woman with a switch blade and fatally cut her. The woman bled to death on the floor of the club. The police came and arrested the wife. According to Mr. Hugh, as the police was leading her away the so-called husband walked away with a third woman saying he didn’t tell her to do that. He never showed up at jail nor at her execution for murder. His point was if you have to do all this scatterbrained stuff to hold onto a man let him go. He isn’t it. He isn’t worth your life.


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