Never argue with your Pastor

It is very easy these days to find a lot of Bible verses and passages being misrepresented or taken out of context by modern day Charismatic Preachers who attach a lot of gimmicks and “gymnastics” to their preaching just to excite the crowd. And a lot of unsuspecting members just follow everything that comes out of a Preacher’s mouth as the undiluted truth from God without any effort of exercising personal discernment.

We follow blindly especially in these days of social media craze that most men of God are now more concerned with amassing a large following than preaching the right messages. Sadly, if you’re in a Church that you don’t follow your Pastor / Preacher on social media or share their posts, you’re seen and treated more as not a friend of the Church or man of God. Our attachment and focus is more now towards the men of God and promoting them than Christ Himself or living lives that reflect Christ. They are gradually leading and defining our lives more than God (Christ); we now so easily do things to please them rather than Christ…thinking by pleasing them we are by extension pleasing God in all cases.

And the disposition of some of the men of God is so amazing that you wonder exactly enters people when they have been “called by God”. Because you have the opportunity of a congregation to preach to as a servant of God, you think everybody else in the congregation doesn’t know anything. You think you’re the only one endowed with the right kind of heavenly knowledge and should always be right. The church setting sometimes surprises me because one person shares a message and everybody is expected to agree with it…no questions asked. Take the message, swallow it hook, line and sinker and if you have a problem with it, go argue with your Bible…and not the one disseminating it. Express too much opposing views and you’ll be tagged not matured in Christ or asked where your “Doctor of Theology Degree” is. πŸ˜‚

Back in the days when question and answer times were allowed during teaching services, you still are not allowed to make arguments that puts the “All-knowing Preacher” in a position of not having all the facts after all. When all else fails, they will ask you “do you argue with your Boss at your work place”? Well, then you can’t argue with a “man of God” or object to anything he does because they hear direct from God and you don’t. Just like the secular Bosses…they are always right. Spiritual Bosses…so cool 😎.

I hope they hold our hands and take us to Heaven instead of we working out our own salvation. 😊

Β©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2019

5 thoughts on “Never argue with your Pastor

  1. Yes. Another tactic used if you dare to question some of these preachers in front of a crowd is that they will take you aside out of hearing range of the others, and ask: Are you a true believer? If you answer “Yes”, they will then tell you not to question them in front of others receiving instruction. Meaning that if you doubt what the preacher is saying, its accuracy, keep your doubts to yourself.

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    1. That’s very sad. I’ve always struggled with understanding why we can’t have open discussions of our different viewpoints in church but have to succumb to and accept just one person (Pastor’s) interpretation of “truth”. How do we grow together in spirit and in truth if we have to keep our doubts to ourselves?
      Guess we just have to learn and know the Bible for ourselves and depend on the Spirit’s leading.

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  2. If you don’t question our leaders does that mean we are subjecting ourselves to potentially following a false one? When we speak up, we most probably are speaking up for others. We cannot fall into this perception that we cannot argue with our Pastors. If there is any time in history we need to challenge those who claim to be leaders, it is now. More and more pastors, church leaders and the congregations are convinced we are moving into the end-to-times, which means we should question more, challenge more, but most importantly, know more ourselves. Question all the answers. . .

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      1. It’s a privilege to have conversation with you. Thank you for the follow as well. Look forward to even more sharing of ideas.

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