Everything marriage is a blog for every audience. Are you married, in a love relationship, planning to or just looking for related knowledge? Then you are at just the right place and your time here will be worth it.

Everything marriage has been created to provide information aimed at achieving just that one ultimate goal of every relationship/marriage: GROWTH!

I believe relationships/marriages don’t just grow by themselves. It takes effort that comes at the back of good information or knowledge on just the right thing to do. Every now and then we all need to learn something new to spice up our relationships. Where there is no new learning, you can trust that there will be stagnation.

It is the desire of God that everybody acquires the right knowledge to grow his/her relationship/marriage because the lack of knowledge makes God’s people perish (Reference: Hosea 4:6).

So come on board as we share ideas and knowledge for a worthy cause.


Mark Gadogbe (McApple)
Email: mekyxineg@yahoo.com

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