We’re all a chain of blessings

You may see yourself as a failure because of that one thing that doesn’t seem to be going well but God looks at you and sees a champion…one without whose presence in this life many lives would not have been touched.

We are all a chain of blessings one way or the other. If it’s even just one person’s life you’ve touched, I bet that’s all God has need of you for.

It’s sad how many are disappointed with their life so bad they have stopped believing in God but if only God opens their eyes to see what an impact they have made in people’s lives…I don’t know what they will do.

Life’s got purpose for everyone. You don’t need to discover it before you can at least be certain you have made an impact. Whether we achieve all our earthly dreams or not before we die, truth is we have impacted lives! You may not know it now but you have! You really have!


Mark Gadogbe (McApple)

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