Imagine a home and a world without Fathers…

A charge to keep we have as fathers…and a God to glorify with our service and sacrifices for our families.

Strength from above we pray šŸ™.

Happy Fathers’ Day to us! May we live to fulfill the call on our lives!

Ā©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2018


Motherhood: the most valuable professionĀ 

A girl didn’t want to become like her mother when she grows up because all she does is cook, cook, cook and clean, clean, clean. She wanted to become the CEO of her own company and have people serve her, and her Dad was pleased with her ambitions.

Her mother was sad hearing that from her daughter and all the more sad at her husband for encouraging their daughter to look mean on her duty as a wife and mother. 

So, she gave up her duties for a few days and her daughter wrote something beautiful in the end that touched her heart. Her daughter had a change of mindset. 

She wants to become like her mum when she grows up

The lesson I picked? 

Value motherhood. And teach your daughters how to become mothers first because everything else comes down to that (Don’t read it wrong). 


Ā©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2017