My wife; My God-sent Spouse

How a man sees his woman (spouse) affects how he appreciates her. If he sees her as a gift of God to “complete” his life, one without whom his life seems to shift into a kind of unhappy existence, he appreciates her more.

If he sees her as merely a reward of or a trophy won from the sheer display of the best of his wooing skills, he may appreciate her less. It sure will be a fantastic feeling for the woman in the beginning, I believe, but she may soon begin to feel kind of “worthless” especially when the wooing stops after “acquiring” his “prey”.

And every woman I believe longs for a feeling of being “God-sent”, being valuable beyond a man’s ability to just woo or win to his side. She wants to feel divinely chosen for a man to help fulfill the purpose of God in both their lives. She wants to feel as a priceless daughter belonging to God, who cannot just be wooed by a man’s “antics”. She doesn’t want to be just a man’s pride but God’s pride too. She wants to be treated as a serious business, not just one on whom a man tries out his wooing skills. God must be part of her worth to a man; God must be part of the equation of he winning her over to himself. He must not limit her to an acquisition gained out of his own singular effort or exploits.


That’s the value a woman wants placed on her because that’s the value God places on her. That’s the daily appreciation she wants from her partner (spouse). And she doesn’t want it only when she’s done him good; the unintentional wrongs she’s done him must not negate the true worth God places on her and his appreciation of her.


But, if she wants all these, which are true and in reality the real worth God places on her, then she must play well her part also. How? She must settle ONLY for a Godly man; for only a Godly man will see her true worth to him and will daily give glory to God (in her honour) for the rare gift of A GOD-SENT SPOUSE!

So now, if your partner (spouse) has never told you verbally or demonstrated in ways that suggest that you are GOD-SENT, raise eyebrows!


Mark Gadogbe (McApple)

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