On living life as singles… 

There’s no denying the fact that WHAT WE ARE AS SINGLES IS WHAT WE BRING INTO MARRIAGE! 

If all you know as a young single man or woman is the likes of promiscuity, sleeping around, living extravagant lifestyles, indecency, chasing after money and rich men or sugar mummies, etc…don’t expect an easy miracle in your marriage. Well, that is if you plan on getting married one day anyways. 

Change is of course possible in life, but painfully slow. Same it is in marriage…you don’t just wake up and your marriage transforms from bad to good. Pray all you want but you’ve got to also put in the works. The outcome of every marriage is based on the foundations you laid, not only at the beginning of the marriage, but foundations that go all the way to your single days. 

Life comes in different phases and each phase a build up on the former. The single phase is but only a temporary preparatory stage for transition into marriage and the values you build or acquire while single will determine the joy, peace and success of your marriage when that phase opens. 

You don’t live life anyhow and just change overnight to enjoy easy success in marriage. I will be surprised at any such testimony because even if God gives you a good man or woman to marry you and one that’s willing to transform you, it almost always is a painstakingly slow process. Even our salvation in Christ Jesus we have to work out before we attain perfection…how much less marriage. 😊

So, whiles enjoying all the freedom and joys of being single, be sure to think beyond that phase and work really well on yourself. It is true that as a man thinketh so he is, but if thoughts could just transform into reality without effort, the level some of us will be at eh, it will be so out of this world. 

So, the question is “what are you sowing with your life as a single man or woman“? Are you sowing seeds that you think will blossom into temporary gratification that don’t fit the destiny God has for you? Know that God has hopes and dreams and plans for you as a single person and you have to know it and walk in it.   

At the end of the day, remember that God himself has put a stamp on the fact the WHATEVER A MAN SOWS HE REAPS. Your choice! 😊

©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2018


Embrace every season you’re in and celebrate it.  It may not last long or forever…nothing in life does. 

There’s a blessing in every season of life. Celebrate your single season and enjoy the blessings. Soon that season will be over and what you learned at that stage may take you far. 

Soon will come marriage. Celebrate your married season too…it may also not last forever. Ideally it should, but life does not always give you what you want. There’s a limit to your efforts; the rest becomes the work of divine providence. 

Whiles you have life…learn to celebrate yourself through every season, through every phase of life! 

©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2017