Embrace every season you’re in and celebrate it.  It may not last long or forever…nothing in life does. 

There’s a blessing in every season of life. Celebrate your single season and enjoy the blessings. Soon that season will be over and what you learned at that stage may take you far. 

Soon will come marriage. Celebrate your married season too…it may also not last forever. Ideally it should, but life does not always give you what you want. There’s a limit to your efforts; the rest becomes the work of divine providence. 

Whiles you have life…learn to celebrate yourself through every season, through every phase of life! 

©Mark Gadogbe (McApple), 2017


Happy Valentine!

It’s the season of love!

Love is a good thing. Celebrate it!

But, just a quick thought…

If you are given the opportunity to propose love/marriage to the person you are with now, will you choose the same person? Or you would rather love/marry another? If he should propose again, will you accept again?

Well, the decision is yours and it will obviously be based on the satisfaction you feel in your present relationship. It’s just two things; either you are in a happy marriage/relationship or you are in an unhappy one.

Happy marriages and relationships are possible! It’s all in our hands…it’s all in the effort we put into it. You can’t get happiness in marriage unless you put in happiness. You can’t reap love in marriage unless you pour in love. Marriage is empty from start…what you get from it at the end of the day is what you invest in it.

You can sit all day and grumble all you want about not having a happy marriage/relationship…it won’t change anything until you start putting in the hard work. I know it’s a two-way street; it takes two to create a happy marriage/relationship. What if the other person is not playing their part? Well, that just makes your hard work harder. But if you would just sit down, study your partner, re-strategize and keep pouring in love, affection and respect in an all new way that meets their needs, you will win at the end. I bet nobody hates being loved and no matter how long, they will eventually respond to our love and love us back in equal measure.

Oh yes! I would propose to my wife over again! I would chose her again above all else! She’s an angel, just not an all-white one; she has her many dark spots. But I’m not looking for perfection…just someone who loves me in equal measure or even more; just someone who means well. And I know she means well…and that’s enough!


Happy Valentine Folks! Keep loving!


Mark Gadogbe (McApple)

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