Our Everyday Reminder…

We never got to where we are by sitting down and wishing upon a star…
Had we, Astronomy would have killed our dreams thus
“…you’re actually a few million years too late. That star is dead. Just like your dreams”
Our hands thence we put to the plow…and never looked back!
We only kept looking up…drawing all our needs from Heaven’s storehouse.
Today and everyday we ask thus to remind ourselves…
“Was there a need He never met?”
He met it all!
And with that assurance we know…
Our tomorrow is already taken care of!



The prayers you don’t pray today, you will pray tomorrow.
So if you don’t pray for good things now…you will surely pray for them years to come after others have obtained them.
Yes, where others have prayed and gotten to will now be your prayer point…your starting point.
I believe the prayers we’ve prayed years ago is what is sustaining us today.
You ask, how a prayer can sustain a man??
Only the Christian understands!
Sometimes I look at my life and I’m convinced I am a product of prayers my parents invested in me.
Oh how I remember mummy…a woman of prayer she was!
Sometimes a today’s prayer could be meaningless…only to bear meanings in the future.
Pray while there is life…and about EVERYTHING!